General information

The workshop location is the Jugenddorf Wittow on the island of Rügen, literally just a few metres from the Baltic Sea (see map).

Bands as well as individual participants work in mixed groups which will be organized according to the participants’ existing knowledge and experience. The main objective is the improvisation in different styles. The workshop will be held partly in German and partly in English, equipment has to be brought by the participants.

Every young musician is more than welcome to get to know the world of jazz. The work done during the week will be presented in a public closing concert which will take place in the “Grundtvighaus” in Sassnitz (also see concerts).

Find the registration form here!


Daily schedule

The typical daily schedule at the Blueboat Workshop looks a bit like this:
(the exact times will be set at the beginning of the workshop)

  • ~09:00h: Breakfast
  • 15-30 min rhythm training, outside in a big circle with all participants and teachers
  • Working in combos & vocal training
  • ~13:00h: Lunch
  • Working in combos & vocal training
  • Free time
  • ~18:00h: Dinner
  • Free time, jam sessions, camp fires, concerts, sitting on the beach, …

The first and last days are a bit different. Since arrival times differ for each participant due to travel distance and means of transport, usually the first day is not planned in detail. After all participants have arrived it’s about:

  • Greeting and getting to know each other
  • Putting together the combos and organizing the rooms for group work

In the morning of the last day we will have our last rhythm training. After that we will go to Sassnitz where the closing concert is going to be opened in the afternoon. This is also where the workshop ends.



  • TOTAL: 245 €
    incl. accommodation, all meals and workshop fee
    excl. travel expenses
  • Compensation per concert per person: 25 €
    If you participate with your whole band or get together with other participants to play concerts during the festival, you will receive a compensation of 25 € per concert per person.


Getting there

The workshop location can best be reached by car or by train. If you’re coming by train the nearest station is in Sagard, about 18 km away (map). We’re happy to help you with the transfer from there to the Jugenddorf (map).

(Travel expenses are to be paid by the participants.)